Max Green med Thronebuzz, Juli 2011

Frågorna som ställs i ordning...
* Has your music or being in Escape The Fate changed you in any way, for better or worse?
* What was it like for you to make the transformation of going through rehab and how do you feel about the decision to do so?
* You recently passed out on stage during a show. Can you explain what happend that day?
* What was the most challenging thing for you to overcome and why? How did you manage?
* What is you relationship with Ronnie Radke? Are you guys friends or is there still a lot of tension? Have you guys met up face to face yet?
* Falling in reverse's new album is expected to be heavily-laced with retaliation towards you and the members of Escape The Fate, how do you plan on dealing with hearing it?
* There have been rumors that you may be leaving the band. Is there any truth?
* What is your most meaningful tattoo?
* When and how did you learn to play bass?
* What was your favorite part about shooting the music video for "Gorgeous Nightmare"?
* What can we expect from you in the near future?
* Before we end here, what advice do you have for your fans that would love to be in your shoes right now?
* Is there anything you would like to say to the Thronebuzz fans?

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